Bloom FAQs

Welcome to the Bloom FAQs. Here you will learn more about how to use Bloom and how Bloom works.

1. How accurate is Bloom?

Bloom is accurate within 1-100 meters.

2. What data of mine does Bloom access?

If you give Bloom permission, we access your location data, camera roll and any other data you type into the app. Accessing your camera roll is required if you want to upload a photos/videos from your camera roll to Bloom. Your photos are never viewed or stored in any way unless you upload them to bloom.

3. What data of mine does Bloom store in the local storage?

Only your login data is stored locally. Only the Bloom app has access to these and is used to authenticate your account.

4. What data of mine does Bloom store in it's cloud databases?

Bloom stores photos/videos you upload to Bloom for 24 hours. After that, they are deleted, along with any meta data tied to the upload such as the location it was taken at. Bloom stores your profile data on it's databases so you can access it if you log in on a new phone.

5. What is a private account?

A private account means that only your followers can see your uploaded photos/videos. Any new followers will have to be approved by you first before they can become a follower. Anyone else on Bloom can still see your profile photo, username, bio and social media links even if you are private. You can set your account to private in the Settings.

6. What happens to my photo/video when I upload it?

Bloom uploads your photo/video to our databases where they can then be viewed to others on the app for 24 hours. After 24 hours they are permanently deleted. Anyone on Bloom can view your uploaded photos/videos unless you have your account set as a private account. If your account is set to private, only your followers can view your uploads. You will be notified with a follow request that you must approve for any new followers if you set your account to private.